A brief history

After living and playing on this earth, and seeing the most amazing places being polluted, destroyed, and trashed, the thought occurred, that many people don't care or understand very much about our home. The mission of our organization is to encourage humans to reconnect with the natural world, becoming so enchanted that we take steps to protect these spaces.

A striking moment was during a scuba dive in paradise. The Hawaiian coastlines are rich with reefs, sharks, green sea turtles and other wildlife, but descending in to the sea, the shore was littered with lawn chairs, flip flops, artificial flowers, and other human debris that had been discarded in the underwater landscape. How could we do this!? Perhaps people just don't know this is happening? We posted some photos to show people what we were finding in nature, and what didn't belong there.

Under the Sea

Where we are today

We've collaborated with others producing art exhibits, events, film screenings, and most importantly, had personal discussions with people in our communities. The greatest achievement is when one person realizes how humans are impacting the environment and become passionate about making changes in their own lives and communities.

Getting re-enchanted by nature (Australia)
Engaging with the local community (Fiji)